Tired of curing? Need more time in the day?

Well, BulkEZ makes light curing a thing of the past.

Until now, layering techniques have been used for posterior direct restorations to guarantee a good marginal seal, be assured of a fully cured restoration and to control the shrinkage stress by minimising the volume cured at any one time. But all this takes time.

BulkEZ completes the process faster, more efficiently and without the need to light cure, no matter how deep the cavity and in as quickly as 90 seconds – saving you an approx. 5 mins per procedure!

Eliminate the clinical problems inherent to light curing

Undercuring - SOLVED

Poor lights, dirty light guides, non-compliance

Improper placement - SOLVED

Placing the light source at an incorrect angle to the cavity preparation

Shadowing - SOLVED

Not obtaining full light on all surfaces

Intensity - SOLVED

Rapidly declining intensity in deep preparations

Curing - SOLVED

Curing occurring at the occlusal surface first

Shrinkage - SOLVED

Shrinkage pulling uncured composites to the occlusal surface, leaving a gap at the interproximal margin
  • BulkEZ vs Traditional Layered Placement

That’s an extra hour every day – what would you do with that spare time?

Grab a coffee?
See more patients?
Check emails?
Spend more time with patients?