The game-changing chemistry of BulkEZ eliminates the limitations of early generation bulk fill composites

Test MethodBulkEZ
Film Thickness14 microns
Work/Set time (22°C/72°F)90/120s
Work/Set time (37°C/99°F)40/65s
Volume Shrinkage3.8%
Flexural Strength138 MPa
Compressive Strength261 MPa
Diametral Strength50 MPa
Water Sorption12 µg/mm
Water Solubility0.0 µg/mm³
Radiopacity320% Al
  • BulkEZ
  • A competitive Dual-cure composite

Bond Strength (MPa)

Unlike other dual-cure composites, BulkEZ is compatible with all bonding agents.

Bond strengths of BulkEZ and a competitive dual-cure composite on dentine, using a popular total-etch bonding agent. BulkEZ exhibits fully compatible bonding results, while the competition exhibits marginal bonding.



With a radiopacity of 320% Al, BulkEZ can easily be seen on a radiograph


Flexural Strength

BulkEZ’s flexural strength is among the best in dental composites

90 second set

Setting Time

Time saving especially with deep and multiple fillings


BulkEZ contains both nano-fillers and highly radiopaque fillers. The material starts as a flowable and once fully cured, will have similar physical properties as traditional light cure composites with a high radiopacity of 320% Al – making it easily visible on a radiograph.

The Right Shrinkage

Illustration of self-cure and light-cure shrinkage behavior.

BulkEZ self-cure: exhibits shrinkage towards the bottom and side walls.
A competitive bulk-fill composite at 7mm depth, with visible voids and gaps at the bottom.

No Gaps or Voids

Why use anything else to risk compromising your restorations?

Bulk-fill composites were filled and cured in composite cavities.

BulkEZ at 7mm depth, with bottoms completely intact.
A competitive bulk-fill composite at 7mm depth, with visible voids and gaps at the bottom.

Best Interproximal Margins

Microleakage results of Class II restorations after 5,000 thermal cycles between 5/50 °C and dye penetration.

BulkEZ: Best interproximal margins, no microleakage along the interproximal margins.
A competitive light curing bulk-fill composite: gaps and microleakage along the interproximal margins.

Microleakage Scores

Best interproximal margin, no microleakage, reduces shrinkage stress and post-op sensitivity.

Competitive Bulk Fill CompositesMicroleakage Scores
Bulk Fill - M2.8 ± 1.3
Bulk Fill - K2.8 ± 1.1
Bulk Fill - D2.8 ± 1.6
BulkEZ0.2 ± 0.4