BulkEZ™ has reinvented bulk-fill composites.

Now is your time to start working with the game-changing, dual-cure restorative composite, BulkEZ. Designed for direct restorations, BulkEZ combines excellent, flowable cavity adaptation with high strength and wear resistance – all in one simple step.

BulkEZ starts as a flowable and once fully self-cured, it boasts similar physical properties to traditional light-cure composites with high radiopacity. Its unique self-cure IntelliTek™ technology is designed to specifically control and direct shrinkage while virtually eliminating the risk of interproximal microleakage. With no layering required, time savings over light-cured bulk composites are over 60%.

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  • Finally, a truly predictable one layer composite!

  • No Light Cure Needed With BulkEZ

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